The gods worshiped on the Rim Islands are split into two groups the gods of exiles and gods of the natives. After 875 years there has been many conversions and these lines between the gods of the exiles and gods of the natives has blurred.

They are displayed here in their common catagories.

Gods of the Exiles


The goddess of luck and freedom was worshiped heavily by those that crossed the sea to the Rim Islands. She still maintains a strong influence among those wishing to brave the perils of the sea. The traveling halfinngs also spread her luck along the rivers.


The worhip of Bahamut almost flicked out during the crossing of the exiles. The historians say that many of his worshippers stayed on the mainland to fight the effects of the Age of Exiles. Now Bahamuts honorable tenements are carried by some of the dragonborn and paladins of the Rim islands.


The worshipers of the city builder were responsible for raising the firsts exile settlements on the Rim Islands. Her influences continues to be srong behind the walls of cities and in their courts of law.


The god or knowledge continues to have strong influence in houses or learning and among historians. His followers are responible for perserving history after the Age of Exiles.


Kords influence was strongly maintained during the crossing to the Rim Islands. Now worshipers can be found all over the Rims even strongly among the native races. Kords Contest of Might is still held annually.


The dwarves brought Moradin to the island mountains and it is here where his influence has remained. Very few worhipers of Moradin are found outside the clans.


Like Erathis, Pelors worshipers helped found the first exile settlements on the Rim Islands, but now his missionaries can be found on all the islands tirelessly spreading the light of Pelor.

The Raven Queen

The goddess of death finds little influence among the natives, but her prayers can be heard at funerals of the exiled. Most of her followers tend graveyards or give funeral rites to the dying.

Gods of the Natives


The god of arcane magic and the fey are worshipered by the elves and gnome in their forest temples. Some of his teachings have reached the walled cities where gardens and groves are perserved in his honor.


Though Melora is a god of the natives, she was quick revlyered by the exiles because of her close ties to the sea. Many ships bear her visage as a figurehead in hope to gain her favor upon the waves.


The goddess of the moon counts many shifters among her worshipers. The ceremony Dance of Moon draws many shifter to gather and honor their ancestors. The elves also favor her love of autumn and the halfings and gnomes her love of trickery.

The Savage Gods.

Here is list of gods revered by the dark, savage, and sinsters creatures of the Rim Islands.


Goblinoids of the Rims gather under Banes banner. His unquenchable desire to make war has plagued the islands for hundreds of years.


The exiles thought they had left the worshipers of Gruumsh on the mainland in till they found his idols among the giants. Gruumsh favors destruction his followers the orcs and giants serve him loyaly in that regard.


The followers of the Serpent Lord has been among the natives since the time of the ancients. Theives and assassins favor him and keeps hidden cults in the walled cities.


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