Denizens of the Rim Islands

The civilized people of the Rims Islands are broken into three groups the exiles, the stangers, and the natives. The exiles are all the races that came to island 875 years ago starting the Age of Exiles. The natives called the Rim Islands home since the time of the ancients. The strangers can either trace their hertiage from both natives and exiles or when and why they arrived on the Rim Islands is unknown.



Humans are brave and ambitious collecting their greatest number behind walled coastal cities.


Very few clans survived the exile but those that did found homes among the high mountains. Though they are few, dwarves continue to be master warriors and craftmen.


This small daring people found the rivers of Rim Islands fit their wanderlust. Their small clans can be see up and down the rivers.


The honorable draconic humaniods wander the islands seeking conflict to join. They are always looking to test and hone their skills


Sailing with humans when their cities were crushed during the exile Eladrin use their skill at magic, artistry, and swordplay to build a new world on the Rim Islands.


The orcs and humans were exiled to islands along with their half kin. Like on the mainland the Half-Orcs can be found among humans and orcs.



After dispearing from the mainlands hundreds for years ago some the elven remnant was discovered in forests of the Rim Islands. They continue to have fierce love of nature.


Like the elves the gnomes call the deep woods of the islands their home. There presence is barely felt for gnomes live mostly in secret.


These towering humunoids always called the mountians of islands their home. Their fierce need of competition drives them to stide with all races of the islands


Many say that the lyconthropes, distant cousin of shifter, were banished to the islands ages ago. From these inflicted arrose the shifters.



With the discovery of the elves the population of half-elves as been rapidly grown. The half-elves continue to show clear traits of both human and elf.


No ones knows when the Devas arrived on the islands. These spectators seem contant on watching history unfold.


Like the Devas the arrival of the Tieflings is unknown. Unlike their fellow enigmas they seem to meddle with the affairs of all in more sinister ways then not.

Some of everyone else

Most of the uncivilized races of the Rim Islands are natives but some like the orcs follow the exiles.


Found among the swamps and marshes of the islands these savage brutes are cunning warriors and skilled swimmers.


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